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Designing this four-bedroom triplex in Chelsea was about blending modern elegance with a touch of nature, all while keeping it cozy. We combined a two-bedroom duplex and a one-bedroom unit on the top three floors of a small building.

The setbacks in the building's design gave us a chance to create terraces on every floor, bringing a bit of the outdoors inside. The owner wanted a home with a soft, simple feel, so we aimed for a mix of modern and natural vibes.

The triplex is all about contrasts—hard and soft, straight lines and curves, textures and smooth surfaces. The standout feature is the spiraling staircase, winding through the space like a living artery. It's encased in a pale grey, shiny shell, like a nautilus shell, standing out against the mostly straight lines of the surrounding architecture.

As the designer, my goal was to make this triplex more than just a place to live. It's a carefully crafted blend of modern style and natural elements, creating a home that's both inviting and visually striking.

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18th St Triplex


Project W INC Architects

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