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For the Clinton Hill project, our client desired to create a dedicated nursery space within their large living room without compromising on natural light or creating a cramped feel. After much consideration, we designed a slatted wood partition that would successfully separate the two areas while allowing light to flow through.

We meticulously planned the positioning and spacing of the slats to create a balance between privacy and openness, which was achieved by using vertically oriented slats. This approach allowed natural light to flow through the space, while still providing the necessary privacy for the nursery area.

We are thrilled with the final result, as the slatted partition effectively delineates the space while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. It creates a distinct area for the nursery without making either area feel small, which was a significant concern for the client.

In addition to the slatted partition design, we also took the client's mid-century modern style into consideration and incorporated it into the overall design. We worked closely with the client to select the appropriate furniture, lighting, and décor that would enhance the overall aesthetic of the space while being functional and practical for their needs.

Furthermore, we provided our expertise in interior decoration to assist the client in adding furniture, lighting, and décor that complemented the mid-century modern style of some of their existing furniture. By working closely with the client and taking their preferences into account, we were able to create a cohesive design that met their requirements while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Clinton Hill Apartment


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