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​In this project, our team undertook the renovation of two bathrooms within the same unit, each with a distinct design approach. The client's preference was to create a bright and classic makeover for the main bathroom, while aiming for a more dramatic and moody transformation in the guest bathroom.

To fulfill the client's vision, we opted for large white marble tiles with elegant pink veins in the main bathroom, which were beautifully complemented by mosaic floor tiles in Bianco Dolomiti. To enhance the overall aesthetic, we incorporated brushed gold fixtures and black hardware, adding a touch of sophistication.

In the guest bathroom, our design direction took a different turn. We utilized dark and moody wallpaper on the main walls, coupled with a rich green paint applied to the remaining walls and ceiling. As this bathroom was a small space, this strategic use of darker colors effectively blurred the boundaries, creating an illusion of extra length and height. Furthermore, the incorporation of brushed gold fixtures and black hardware enhanced the overall ambiance. To complete the look, we used Calacatta gold floor tiles, further elevating the sophisticated yet cozy atmosphere while providing a sense of spaciousness.

Bathroom Makeover


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