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Our team conducted a gut renovation of a 1,200 sqft loft in New York City's Gramercy neighborhood. The existing kitchen lacked a proper dining area and appeared underutilized. To enhance functionality and aesthetics, we devised a plan to create a more appealing kitchen layout, recognizing its importance as the heart of any home.

By analyzing the space's flow and strategically adding and removing partitions and closets, our goal was to achieve a better dining experience within the kitchen and maximize storage. We developed a concept that optimized the kitchen's functionality by introducing a generous kitchen island with seating. On the opposite side of the island and underneath the staircase, we integrated full-height frameless doors to add more storage space for a generously proportioned pantry, as well a coat closet located by the entrance hallway. 

This design enhancement not only significantly improved storage but also created a well-defined separation between the bathroom and laundry closet area and the kitchen. The resulting space is a more inviting and cohesive kitchen, perfect for cooking, dining, and entertaining. 

Our clients are delighted with the final result as it aligns with their minimal aesthetics and adds significant value to their property. We are happy with the final result as it fulfills our clients' vision for a dream kitchen and responds to their specific needs and preferences while maintaining the loft's unique aesthetics. 

Gramercy Loft


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